Valet Trash Removal Services In Orlando, Florida

Garden Style Apartments

Our valet trash service is perfect for your garden style apartment complex. With door-step collection of resident’s trash and recycling available 7 days a week, your tenants enjoy the convenience of stress-free waste management that keeps your property clean and healthy while preserving its natural beauty.


Offering valet trash service to your tenants provides them with a loved amenity while ensuring your mid-rise apartments stay clean, healthy, and attractive. No more stinky, overflowing dumpsters, or unwanted furniture, appliances, and household junk cluttering up your property. We take it all ensuring it’s handled sustainably.

Urban Hi-Rise Apartments

Urban Hi-Rise Apartments provide Orlando residents the convenience of location, but dealing with their trash isn’t. Waste management is a breeze, with 4 Green Planet providing daily trash valet services. Our valets collect household trash and recycling from your tenants’ doorstep daily to help you keep your hi-rise clean.

How Valet Trash Services Work In Orlando, Florida

We provide you with designated trash and recycling bins to fill. Simply place your waste bins outside your door during your scheduled pick-up times. Our professional waste removal team will collect them and recycle and responsibly dispose of your trash.
No more lugging garbage down the stairs.
No more smelly, dirty overflowing dumpsters.
No more carrying trash in or on top of your car.
No more disputes about whose turn it is to go the dumpster.
No more night-time walks to the dumpster.
A clean community
equals happy

What Is Valet Trash Service?

Like valet car services, our valet trash (also known as valet waste) services make keeping your home, HOA community, or multi-family complex free of odor and waste effortless with daily door-to-door waste pickup in Central Florida.
Talk to us today about scheduling valet trash services for your home or residential property.

What Our Valet Trash Services Offer Orlando Residents

Seven (7) Days Collection

Collection is available 7 days a week. To keep your community in pristine condition, we ask residents to bring their trash bins out between 6 PM and 8 PM (evenings) or 6 AM and 8 AM (mornings). SERVICE begins at 8 PM or 8 AM.

Trash Receptacles

In order to provide a uniform service, we provide each resident in the community with a complimentary 13-gallon trash bin. We also replace any trash bins that become damaged or needed by a new tenant for free.

Power Washing

As a complementary addition to our valet service, we professionally power wash the common areas and corridors where trash is left FOR FREE. We power wash the dumpster area(s) and resident’s bins once a year. We can also provide additional power washing services upon request.

Odor Control

In communities with closed hallways where odor is a concern, we take the necessary steps to control any odor caused by the trash cans sitting in the hallway corridors.

Additional Security

Although security is not our focus since our uniformed team is in the community at least (5) five days a week, we will report any suspicious activity to management or the police if warranted.

Resident Correspondence

To save your property manager’s time, at no additional charge, we will professionally address and disseminate correspondence about our services to your residents, so you don’t have to.

How Much Does Valet Trash Service Cost In Orlando, FL?

The cost to have us provide you with valet trash services in Orlando, FL, varies depending on the number of residents, frequency of pickup, and any additional services you need, such as power washing your entire property. We work with you to design a valet trash service that meets your needs and budget with flexible payment options.

Advantages Of Our Valet Trash Service In Orlando, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Orlando Valet Waste Removal Services

4 GREEN PLANET prides itself on being the most economical provider in the State of Florida. We consistently beat our competitor's prices by at least 25% and sometimes even more. We are also concerned with the environment and are one of the few that is heavily concentrated on recycling. 4 GREEN PLANET has a great team in place that is primarily focused on building a brand by continuing a culture of servitude and integrity to its customers.
In most cases, trash valet is a pass-through expense to the residents, much like other Common Area Maintenance (CAM) costs (such as trash dumpsters, water/sewer utilities, etc). Unlike other services providers, GREEN PLANET allows you to keep the lion's share of that passive revenue.
According to multiple publications, including The National Apartment Association, valet trash services is consistently rated as one of the top amenities voted by residents; it's also something everyone can use, unlike a gym or a swimming pool. Without a trash valet service in place you are basically deciding to have (in most cases) hundreds of residents do it "their way", Without a consistent clean up effort spills and leakage are inevitable; this will ultimately decrease curb appeal and hurt rental values. Whether you use 4 GREEN PLANET or decide to go with another provider, trash valet is an amenity you need to have.
Quite simply, we don't think we need to nickel and dime our customers. We believe that if you provide, great service at a fair price giving away fairly inexpensive things like thin cans and green plastic bags (which helps us do our job) only works to ensure we continue to provide great service at a fair price.

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